Oliver is a writer, performer, artist and teacher, and has studied languages at the University of Sussex in England and Sufism and ancient cultures in Istanbul.

He worked as a translator and teacher in Europe and Canada and is a world traveller, having lived in Japan, Austria, Scotland, France, Bangladesh, Turkey and Egypt.

His home is on Vancouver Island in B.C. Canada.
Oliver's present studies are in Music Therapy, Tai-Chi and Metaphysics.
He is a Wiccan priest.

As a performer, he presents mainly original songs on guitar, and has founded several bands : Zinc Gizmo, The Gruntles, and Oya, has worked with Belly dancers, Worldbeat ensembles, and has hosted many Open Stages. He has released 4 CDs.

Oliver is now writing a book, " The 5 Key Tree ", that is a musical exploration into the relationship between the Seven Chakras and the Five Directions.