OLIVER MITCHELL adopted the name " Olly Hub" in 2017. A songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, he loves Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Rock and Folk music and formed the bands " ZINC GIZMO " (1997), " The GRUNTLES "( 2002) and " OYA " in 2011, with many illustrious musicians.   Oliver performs solo and with his current band. He lives in B.C. Canada.



                      250 - 419 - 3704 


The 5 KEY TREE​ 

Olly Hub developed this method of relating music with the Chakras in 2015.

The purpose is to become present to focus on healing  what ails the body or the mind.

For musicians it is also an excercise in stretching one's perception of the Octave.
" If Music Be the food of Love, play on ...."  Shakespeare 

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